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Big Boss Season 7 – Open politics and conflict

For the past several seasons, there has been a lot of open fighting and verbal abuse between the participants, with the language being such that the serial has been threatened with strictures from the Ministry. So there has been a change, with the participants obviously told to avoid direct harsh verbal fights, and as a result, the politics in the house have been increasing. And so has been the number of apparent love stories, since this also increases the interest of the viewers.
The last week also saw the exit of another low profile participant, Anita Advani, who was pushed out of the house. The house has now 2 main groups inside it, also corresponding to some extent to the love stories that are happening (or are being projected to the viewers) – these being the ones between Kushal and Gauhar on one side, and Tanisha and Armaan on the other side. A lot of people are on the side of Gauhar, these including the husband wife pair of Apoorva and Shilpa, and also Ratan Rajpoot and with the total support of Andy, who is one of the main verbal fighters in the reality show.
On the other side is the budding love story between Tanisha and Armaan, with the others in the group being Kamya Punjabi, and Pratyusha. These 2 groups have been more of less on different sides of the fence between the 2 parts of the house, although one of the highlights about the presence of Jahannum and Jannat inside the house has been the quickness with which people are shunted between the 2 parts of the house. The show has also seen some major conflicts with the rules, with Armaan and Asif leading an attempt to run out of the Jahannum side and steal some water, or jump over to the Jannat side and steal burgers from inside the fridge. In both these cases, they were eventually caught and the final punishment was that the matresses on which they slept were taken away in the time that they were outside of the room. Finally Armaan managed to get Big Boss to restore the matresses to the ladies in Jahannum but only on the condition that somebody spend the night in a cage for which Armaan volunteered. By morning of course, he was irritated like anything and even a smile on Asif’s face was enough to irritate him further.
The biggest conflict happened when there was a transfer between Jahannum and Jannat. Armaan remained in Jahannum, while everybody else with him went to Jannat. However, they were allowed to go the wishing well, where all 3 of them, Tanisha, Pratyusha and Kamya wished for Armaan to come over to Jannat. Big Boss granted this, but with a condition; somebody had to go across to the other side, and these 3 has to decide who it was going to be. They spent quite some time on this, and although Gauhar had suggested that she would be the one to go, the finally decide that Andy would be the one to go to Jahannum from Jannat. He was furious at all this, since he saw that he was being the victim of a conspiracy and went with a lot of bad grace to the other side.

Ballika Vadhu – Jagya decides to finally take the plunge with Ganga, family cut off

Things are moving at a frantic pace with the serial. Jagya, after hearing what Sanchi had to say to her friends, decides that there is no way that she will fit in the Singh household and decides to break the alliance. However, he wants to take the blame on himself and tells that he has reconsidered and the marriage plans and he does not think that it will work. They are all shocked and try to tell him to reconsider, but he does not listen to what they have to say and keeps on apologizing. They even scold him and so on, but he is not moved and leaves. After he leaves, finally after Sanchi comes back and is shocked at what happened, Anandi finally tells them about where she and Jagya had met at the cafe and where they had heard everything that Sanchi was saying to her friends. This gives a new perspective to everyone, since this means that Jagya was shocked at what Sanchi had to say and that is why he was breaking off the marriage. When Sanchi hears all this, she has to quickly recover ground and so she tells everyone that this was not a reality, in fact, she just wanted to not let her friends know that she had changed, in fact, she truly had changed and did not realize that this conversation with her friends would get her into so much trouble. So this is the angle that is sought to be used, and Shiv is so concerned about the health of his sister that he asks Anandi to provide a confidence level to Jagdish that she said all that because of her friends, not because she really meant all that.
However, things do not go according to plan. Ganga has got into trouble at the hospital where she works because a guy over there has fallen for her and wants her, while she has no interest in him but does not realize the plan that he has spun. Finally, Jagya helps her out, but given the disdain at which Sumitra treats her (since she considers that Ganga would influence her son away from the marriage with the good Sanchi), Jagya is not able to tolerate the words that are used against Ganga, and puts sindoor in her maang. This really shocks everyone, including Sanchi and her family members who have reached there. They are disgusted at what Jagya has done, and finally consider that he was a bad choice. The spin to this decision is that Sanchi’s family members break off all ties with Anandi’s family members and ask her to also decide who she would rather stay connected to. Further, they are also cut up with her with even Shiv being so disturbed at what is happening to Sanchi that he is cold to Anandi, something which bitterly disturbs her. It is only the Chhoti Maa who reassures Anandi that such phases happen in life and that it will pass.
With all this, there is a lot of trouble with Jagya as well. His mom is extremely angry at him, and even his Dadisa says that her dreams of a better Jagdish are now out of the window, since he seems to reverting to past behavior. He explains what happened to his family, some of whom understand what happen, but ask him as to why he did not speak to them rather than taking a quick decision. And Sumitra cannot stand the presence of Ganga in the house, and hence when Jagdish gets Ganga over there, he is quickly turned out.

Hindi TV Serial – Do Dil Bandhe Ek Dori Se – Drama of kidnap is over, Daaju also gets to know truth

The serial so far is moving at a steady pace, moving the story (unlike some other serials that take a long time to move somewhere in the story). Raghu and Shivani are coming closer to each other, although there they don’t fully realize it as yet. They are also realizing that everybody around them is preying on them in some form or the other. Even Raghu’s own father, once he learns that the marriage was only meant to deceive others, and was not a real marriage, is shocked. He was earlier so happy that his son had managed to get such a rich wife; now he decides to plan and somehow ensure that the marriage lasts. To this end, he tells them that they need to escape from there since Daddu had sent goons to hurt them because he had not accepted the marriage and sends them off to a separate hotel.
On the other hand, Daddu had already learnt the truth about Abhimanyu from Golcha and got him kicked out of the house and office. Even though this made Jaswant and Mahima happy that now they would have a chance to get more of the property in their name by manipulating Daddu and Shivani (and they don’t think much of the skills of Raghu either); however, they forget that Abhimanyu was an unreliable partner and had no wish to see them getting the property in their name. And Abhimanyu was not done in his attempt to get the property – he is looking to find where Raghu and Shivani are currently living since he wants to get rid of Raghu and kidnap Shivani in order to get the property in his name (although how Raghu can hand over the property to Abhimanyu when the property has not been handed over to him, he is the name in the will but Daddu is still there to change the will if he wants).
So both Raghu and Shivani are spending some time in a resort and are still very uncomfortable being close to each other; there is a party in the resort where Shivani wants to attend to get a change, and they get dressed for the party. Shivani is very impressed when she sees Raghu formally dressed and sees how handsome he looks. However, Abhimanyu gets to know where they are and sends his men to kidnap them. The men do kidnap Shivani and Raghu also reaches there (and since Abhimanyu knows that it is Raghu in the will, he puts pressure on Shivani so that Raghu will sign), but finally after some fighting, Raghu manages to rescue Shivani from there and then his family reaches there and this part of the danger is over and they are safe for the time being.
Now, Jaswant and Mahima also learn how unreliable Abhimanyu can be, since he is out from all reckoning, he does not want to let them get a share of the property, and then comes to Daddu, and even though the men are told to throw Abhimanyu out, he manages to show Daddu a video he had made which showed how Jaswant and Mahima played their part in getting Raghu and Shivani married as part of their plan and is very angry. When they come there, he slaps Jaswant and tells all staff to ensure that they are never allowed anywhere near the property or house. And then he tells Raghu that he is coming to pick up Shivani; everybody in the house is upset that she is leaving and since she has never been close to any family, she is also feeling sad at all this that is happening. And then Daddu gets a heart attack when he is close.

Hindi TV Serial – Devon Ke Dev Mahadev – Ram going into exile, and getting Devi Kali under control

To end the reign of Andhak as a villain who was out to get Devi Parvathi for himself and defeat Lord Shiva, more effort was needed. Since Andhak was another ansh of Shiva, he also had a lot of powers and had also got some incredible powers from Lord Brahma after some heavy prayers. He was very good at being able to locate the presence of another person through his hearing and also got the power that he would not be killed until he himself wanted to see light, effectively meaning that he would not be killed so easily.
So, finally although the serial did not explain how Andhak became the king of the asuras, he took the asura army into battle with Mahadev and the army of the gods. And the battle began. Lord Shiva took out some of the hair from his head and flung it on the ground and created a fearsome warrior who went into battle with Andhak. However, as soon as the blood from Andhak would fall on the ground, a new version of Andhak would come up and soon there were many such Andhaks on the battle field. At this, Mahadev told Devi Parvathi that the darkness and arrogance of Andhak needed somebody more dark, and hence she had to convert to Devi Kali and go out on the battlefield. However, he also knew that this time it would be more difficult to control the Devi once she became the violent Ma Kali, but as of now, she was needed on the battle field.
Finally, Devi Kali would continue with her usual style, spilling blood from the various versions of Andhak and then catching the blood before it feel on the ground, and hence ensuring that these multiple versions of Andhak that were created were done and only the original one remained. And he was now reformed, and Mahadev gave him the gift of eyesight and told him to become better and that was the story of Andhak. However, this time Ma Kali was more difficult to control. Mahadev tried different means of controlling her, but the previous methods did not work, she just went past them. Lord Brahma came to him and told him about the Aghoti method but Mahadev did not want to try that because there will some repercussions of that, but in the end, when nothing else worked, he tried that and finally got Ma Kali under control and back in her original form as Devi Parvathi. In the meantime her sister Ganga had to suffer a lot when Ma Kali walked over the river since her presence had a lot of energy within it that was enough to set trees and other areas on fire as she walked past.
The serial also showed something different, there were these group of black magicians (and surprisingly, one saw Sudesh Berry back on TV after a long time); they were very happy that Ma Kaali was there since they were looking to exploit her energy. Her re-conversion back to Devi Parvathi was not something that was happy for them, but they continued to spill blood since they felt that Ma Kali could return, Devi Parvathi was in a unsettled state. Mahadev also felt the same and was worried for the same.