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Banoo Main Teri Dulhan on Zee

This is a programme that appears on 8 PM weekdays on Zee. Like most hindi serials, it has stretched too long and should have set a mission of ending when things seemed to be on a clear track, but apparently not. I remember a time on Doordarshan when serials were assigned 13 episodes, and then […]

Thodi Si Zameen, Thoda Aasman

You can think of this show as the one that caused the split between Smriti Irani and Ekta Kapoor. No matter what they might say publicly, there is an incredible amount of buzz that it was the decision of Smriti Irani to turn producer and launch this serial (Thodi Si Zamee, Thoda Aasman) and Viruddh […]

Cheeni Kum: A different kind of movie

Cheeni Kum had been released more than 2 weeks back ago, but it was fairly busy on the weekends, and I was somewhat busy on the weekends, unable to go see the movie. Well, I finally found time last weekend, and I did not regret it one bit. The hall was Housefull, although there were […]

Ghar ki Lakshmi Betiyaan

This is the popular 10 PM weekday serial on Zee. It also clashes with another programme on Star Plus, on the same theme (Betiyaan, Apni Ya Paraaya Dhan), namely that of a household having a strong patriarch (father) and of more daughters in the house than sons. And this in a household that values sons […]