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Woh Rehne Wali Mehlon Ki

This is a serial by Rajshri, and given that this serial is not from the K camp (Balaji Telefilms), the expectation was that the serial would be different from the regular saas-bahu stuff that happens on all the channels, and it was different. I liked this serial (although there were some episodes that I thought were slow and could have done with some effort to speed up things). I asked around, and looked at forum postings, and found mostly that people were appreciative of the serial. It has a nice sweet ring through the whole serial, and was nice.
The serial does have familiar elements that people find in other serials, such as a 20 year transformation happening suddenly; a saas who is a terror to her bahu (the saas is forever scheming of ways to get rid of her, including trying to burn her on a gas stove). And now relatives, who are also scheming of ways to get the family wealth.

This serial comes on Sahara at 9:00 – 9:30 PM on weekdays. Starting on May 30, 2005; it recently completed 500 episodes. The serial already has had one 20 year leap and has passed onto the next generation. The lead characters of the current episode on air have got attention due to their pleasing personalities and looks with Reena Kapoor playing the role of Rani/Pari.
The story is not very complicated. Rani was from a rich household married into a middle class family of Prince. She adjusts and wins everyone over. She has a daughter called Pari (who has a limp).
Cut to 20 years later. Rani is now dead, and Pari has been brought up by her grandmother, and then she gets married to Soumya. Soumya married Pari because he loved somebody else, but his family guru had claimed that his wife would die in 40 days, so they need somebody else to get married to Soumya first. Her family and Soumya’s grandfather do not know about this. Eventually, Pari almost dies but has a memory loss. In the meantime her family gets to know and are furious. Soumya has a change of heart, and within some time, Pari also gets her memory back. She has won over everyone except for her mother-in-law who is not prepared to accept her.
Also, Soumya’s uncle turns up with his son Samir (Soumya is elder by 2 days and hence is the family heir). Samir is arrogant and his parents want him to get a share. The main issue now is the tension between them. Soumya’s grandfather wants to get the family to live together, but there are an incredible amount of tension in the house. Paru is trying to help in this process of reconciliation, but is hard.

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