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Father throws girl into river

In a shocking incident, father threw his 7 year old daughter into the Gomti river in Jaunpur. Refer this link. And why did he do this? He found that she needed kidney transplantations and the cost of the operation, Rs. 3 lakhs, would be beyond him, so he took the easy step of throwing her into the river so as to get rid of the problem.
So many problems are highlighted in this approach ? First, for all our talk of a country in rapid development mode, we still are not able to provide a decent health care system for all our citizens. That is a violation of governance principles. And there does not seem to be much focus on this. If we had a half-way decent health system, things would not have come to this.
In addition, human life is previous. Once a human being has come into this world, no other human has a right to take their life without due legal process, not even the father. But in India, children are treated as belongings, and the law is not acknowledged. Even now, no case has been registered against the father who tried to kill his daughter. Granted, he may have felt that there was no option, but there are always options available. In the past, people have managed to get such compassionate cases published in the newspapers, and then managed to get the money from donors who care.

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