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Astitva: Fairly sensitive

It’s off air now. It was one of my faviorte serials. When it started, I missed some earlier episodes but I soon got a hold of it. The serial has given Niki Aneja’s (was initially known as Madhuri Dixit look-a-like) career a new lease of life. She acted in few films but it was ignored. I never thought highly of her but after fitting so well in the character of Dr. Simran Mathur, she has changed my opinion of her. Abhimanyu (Varun Badola) is okay, i really liked him as Neeraj in Koshish but he
was as per the role.

The story revolves around Dr Simran who is a well established doctor but unmarried and daughter of an IAS officer (played by Alok Nath) if i am not wrong. She meets Abhimanyu, a photographer by profession and who is 10 years younger to her in her hospital where he had come to admit his sister Ananthi who is pregnant. He gets infatuated with her beauty and simplicity and tries to impress her. Both side parents are against their marriage but they somehow manage to get married against their parents’ will with the help of Dr. Manas (Harsh Chaya). Then comes how the relation develops, the age gap between them, Simran is ready of child, Abhi is not and due to his immaturity he is attracted to a model of her age group Kiran. Then comes twist and turns, divorce, remarriage and all those things that make serial masala type. It got pretty long, took a 20 year leap, now story revolved around their daughters.
Lots of replacements for eg: Kiran, Rashmi (simran’s sister) and bumping of those characters which were not needed took place in this serial (Ananthi, Simran’s Mom, Rashmi’s husband). But let me tell you this, the only reason why I watched this serial is bcoz of Niki Aneja.
It was a very realistic serial with no over acting, custome or dialogues, got a very good start, kept going fine but excess of everything is bad, it got bored in middle and then it was extending.

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