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Teen Bahuraniyan serial on Zee TV

When I first saw this serial, I was flabber-gasted. Imagine having the typical saas-bahu serial, and multiply that by 4. So you have the Gheewala parivar with the patriarch living with his wife and mother. He has 3 sons, and 3 daughter-in-laws. The 3 sons in turn have a son each, and each son is getting married, so there are 3 new bahus in the house. Make sense, or let me repeat. There is this guy with wife and mother; he has 3 sons and daughter-in-laws and each son in turn has a son and daughter-in-law. Serial is fairly new, and comes at 10:30 PM on Zee, and just started in March 2007.
In the household, his word is law. But not all is well. Each son is somewhat lead by their wife, who essentially dominate what will happen. So there is one shrewish daughter-in-law, Kokila, who is portrayed as the most manipulative daughter-in-law. She has this annoying habit of saying ‘Don’t mind’, and then spewing venom. Her husband is in her control. The 3 daughter-in-laws are always in competition with each other, including who will get the best bahu for their son.

So the 3 sons get married, and the daughter-in-laws arrive to the household, and these are shown as somewhat better that their mother-in-laws. However, Kokila has to show that she is supreme, and show down her bahu, something that she tries on a number of occasions. Things come to a head when the father of Kokila arrives on a visit, and like his daughter believes in divide and rule. He manages to induce his son-in-law and his brothers to turn against their father in open defiance. By the time he leaves, the change has happened, with the sons and wives no longer willing to listen to the head of the family.
Finally, the father splits the house, and makes lines demarcating each person’s area, and in turn he lives outside the house. And what happens next? The daughter-in-laws says that this is good, and forbid any contact of their son and daughter-in-law with the other families. This happened all of a sudden. Suddenly, they are shown to be very petty towards each other, and openly acting against each other. The sons also break off from their father, unwilling to support him, something that seems a bit strange. After all, out of 3 sons, you would expect one of them to be supportive.
Anyhow, the 3 new bahus are very surprised and shocked at this turn of events, and would like to reverse it, but are unable to do because of the opposition of their saas. But they start planning, and first one bahu walks out, and then another. The movement seems to be that the bahus will bring sense into their mother-in-law and make things a happy family again. But the serial is only a few months old, so you would expect a lot of things to happen in this serial.

2 comments to Teen Bahuraniyan serial on Zee TV

  • sheshadri

    I’ve a story for SAMEER after Vrinda’s children murder.He’ll play a role of SHAHRUKH KHAN’S KAL HO NA HO.For this new characters will come and Sameer live his home become a unknown member.There r two characters, one is SAMEER and second is another one who plays a role of SAIF ALI KHAN.BOTH r live in GHEEWala Family for their job on rent basis.After that one girl(PREITY ZINTA ‘s character) will come and join them in job who’s friend of another one(SAIF ALI KHAN).In end of this story is that Boy is a son of MAYA GHEEWALA.Sameer should never die in this serial.I like pair of SAMEER-JANKI.

  • kal ho na ho is the movie of Sacrifice. i pesonaliy like it

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