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Left Right Left on Sab: A different story

Rajeev Khandelwal gained prominence as the character playing ‘Sujal’ in the Balaji late-night serial, Kahin To Hoga. His character was extremely popular, and made him into a semi-star. Of course, his rumoured romance with his co-star, Aamna Shariff of Kahin To Hoga also hit the gossip news. And then, apparently miffed by the turn that the serial was taking, he quit the serial (forcing them to do the usual plastic surgery to get a new person on board). After this, he did a serial called ‘Bomblast’ which do not do any good.
And then he joined this serial about a military academy called ‘Left right Left’. This serial started with many negatives, it was not a serial about family or saas-bahu, there were no big business deals and money of 100 crores casually being tossed around. In addition, it was appearing on Sab TV, which by itself does not have a very strong viewership. However, the serial did start catching on, given that it was heavily promoted, was like a breath of fresh air, and had new faces. In addition, it had a very catchy jingle.

Not the original video, but the tune is there:

The serial is about a military academy called ‘Kanchenjunga Military Academy (KMA)’ and is essentially about 6 cadets who are part of this academy, being instructed by Captain Rajveer Shekhawat (Rajeev Khandelwal). He is actually there in the academy to catch the spy, who is threatening to steal the nuclear trigger (imagine a nuclear trigger hidden in a military academy). Who is the spy ? It’s actually Shweta Salve (who plays the role of Dr. Ritu, the psychiatrist on campus, although most military academies would not believe in the concept of a shrink). She looks terrific, it’s too sad that she had to die at the end of season 1 after her truth was revealed. If she was not a spy, there was a good budding romance between her and Rajveer.
What about the other six cadets who are the focus of the serial ? Well, they are most unlike military cadets, not ramrod straight, very rebellious with one of them essentially hating Rajveer. Many times, they refuse to obey orders, and are hardly ever shown training; which makes the serial a bad inspiration to join the army. And I wonder who designed the costumes, given that female cadets do not wear skirts that end above the knee.
Well, some detail about the six cadets who joined the Kanchenjunga Military Academy – Amardeep Huda, is here as a result of a bet put by his mother, Alekh, a criminal who has been sent to the academy to get reformed, Pooja, who has joined the academy so that she can stay in Ambala where her boy friend rohit is suppose to be, Ali who is a third generation from his family to join the army, Yudi, who wants to show his parents he can be a man by joining the army and not going to USA.
Lastly Naina Singh Ahluwalia had joined KMA to find the person who was responsible for her brother’s death. She ended up being the first suspect of Captain Rajveer Shekhawat, who had come to find a spy in the academy. Captain Rajveer found out the truth about Naina that she was Naveen’s sister, his batchmate and one who was declared a traitor by the army. In turn, she found out that Captain Rajveer was the one who actually killed her brother, and her brother was also engaged to Dr. Ritu.
Now in season 2, it is not so popular now; suffering the same fate as other serials, having to push in twists and turns in the storyline so as to keep people interested, and there is only so much drama that you can show in a military academy without having to sacrifice reality.

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