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Saath Phere – A constant struggle

Somehow the concept of Saath Phere – Saloni ka Safar keeps on going through the same phases. Initially, the serial was all about the struggle of a dark colored girl, Saloni (Rajshree Thakur) against the prejudices that seemed to be against people with dark complexions. She had to struggle against her own parents who favor her fairer sister. In addition, her quest for a marriage partner was a big struggle.
However, I have the serial all worked out now. The serial will essentially capture one by one, a series of stories whereby Saloni will be forced down a path whereby she has to struggle to go with her convictions, She has to live by the truth as she knows it, even though she has to forsake support from her family. So, for example, in the latest incident, Saloni’s sister-in-law, Priya was estranged from her husband and had to work make her living. One day, she was raped by somebody, and eventually suspicion fell on her estranged husband. Everybody believed this except for Saloni. Manno Bhabhi has recovered her long lost son Abhi and is very happy, and is even happier when Abhi marries Priya. Then Saloni gets to know that Abhi had raped Priya, and is shocked, but accuses him. And then then inevitable happens. Her in-laws, and even her own father forsake her because of these accusations and don’t believe her. So she has to struggle all alone to prove this.
These are the kinds of struggles that Saloni has to go through for the sake of living for the truth, and my belief is that as soon as a particular set of problems are resolved and Saloni is proved right, she moves into the next set of problems where again she has to struggle, people don’t believe her, and so on.

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