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Finale of ‘The Biggest Loser’ on Sahara One

Well, it finally is happening today. On September 1, the show The Biggest Loser is coming to an end, at 8 PM on Sahara One. Starting with 16 contestants in May 2007, all of whom looked like they needed to lose weight, we have seen on a weekly basis as to how they have been losing weight. At first, it seemed a bit strange to have such a program on air, after all, to have a program based on getting people to lose weight would seem like making fun of them to some extent. Then I realized that it was based on an international program. And as time passed, just like the earlier reality show called The Biggest Boss, there was a lot of play about the inter-play between the different characters, the drama and the tension (expected since the program was about eliminating people based on voting from other contestants). And there was the weekly drama about getting people down to either their shorts (or in the case of the ladies, their T-shirts and shorts), and then weighing each of them in order to get the total weight loss for the week.

One could see that there was a lot of hard work and exercise, along with control involved in getting them to lose weight. And one could see them actually losing weight on a weekly basis, and as time went by, it must have been inspiring for over-weight people to actually see the amount of weight that must have been lost due to regular exercise and control. A lot of neighborhood gyms must have benefited tremendously from this feeling about losing weight.
The presence of Suniel Shetty lent the star power to the show, although there is a sneaking suspicion that given that he is not being seen in too many movies nowadays, this is an attempt to use the glamour power of TV in order to get back to the main-stream movie business.
One good thing in the show has been the presence of fitness experts such as former physiotherapist to the Indian cricket team, Andrew Leipus as Health & Fitness Director. The team consists of Deepika Mehta & Yusef Khan who are experts & specialists in the fitness & training arena, ably assisted by Varun Shivdasani (Culinary Nutritionist) & Dr. Ajit Desai (Cardiologist). This should be a reminder to people that a rigorous weight loss program has a strong medical affect on the body and should be done only under proper advice.
So now the show has 3 people left, being Hiren who lost 40 kg, Natasha who lost 30 kg, and Sandeep who lost 41.6 kg. This is a tremendous effort, and these people deserve to be in the finals. In the course of this program, some of the contestants who were left behind were Gracious D’Costa, Ravinder Singh Sahni, Ajay Nagrath, Nirmal Soni, Sharmila Joshi, Neeraj Paul, Kiran Jethwani, Dr. Rizwan Ahmed Qureshi, Samirah Ahmed, Robin Soloman, Hemangini Merchant, Priyanka Bhayana, Muna Aleem. All of them lost varying amounts of weights but were eventually voted out one by one (either for lack of dedication or bad attitude).
Some of the highlights of the various episodes are available on the videos at this link; and then some more videos at this link

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