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Drama in Saat Phere – Saloni Ka Safar

Well, it’s that time again. The serial is made of a series of episodes, with each episode lasting a few weeks or months. So, the latest episode was regarding Piya, the sister of Nahar. Her husband was ill-treating her and not working, so she started working and when her brothers Brijesh and Nahar found out, they were very angry that she had not told them and had started to work. Anyhow, Saloni pacified them.
And then Mannu Bhabhi was presented with a handsome looking, affable young man Abeer she was told was her son. All her maternal instincts got activated and she was very protective towards him. Anyhow, when Piya and Abeer met, they were attracted towards each other, but Piya did not proceed since she was already married. Her husband though was very suspicious of her behavior and suspected her character. Then tragedy struck, she was raped and she could not even see who had done it.

Everybody suspected her husband because of his previous behavior, with only Saloni being somewhat hesitant about believing this. Anyhow, after some chases, her husband dies and she eventually marries Abeer. Everybody is happy except for Saloni as she has come to know that it was Abeer who was the rapist. And since Saloni is the one who is the proponent of truth, she speaks out her mind, and turns everybody against her. Even her own parents refuse to support her since she is going against family traditions. Her brother-in-law Brijesh also goes against her (although it is revealed later that he was actually supporting her, and I never understood this turnaround). Eventually, with the help of her husband Nahar and with the aid of a modern technology (DNA testing of the rapist’s child inside Piya and Abeer’s hair), she is able to prove that Abeer is the rapist. And then suddenly everything comes together, and it is also revealed that Abeer is not even Mannu Bhabhi’s son, just somebody her estranged husband paid money to come and impersonate her son. So, as usual, Saloni saves the day.

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