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Finale of Indian Idol 3 on Sony on 23rd September, 2007

So, it’s the last steps to the finale episode of Indian Idol 3, where you can find out who the winner is, who the person is who is going to make all the money and contracts awarded for the winner. It’s been a tough contest, and has involved a fair amount of tension, and open fighting. We have seen judges bickering over the points awarded to a contestant, and we have seen judges being very biting and unpleasant towards contestants. However, once the contestants agreed to be part of the contest, it is normal for them to expect such treatment.
The episode to watch for is the episode that will appear on the 23rd of September, 2007 on Sony TV at 9 PM. And who are the contestants to make it to the finale ? These are 2 contestants from the eastern part of the country, with Amit Paul from Shillong (in Meghalaya) and Prashant Tamang (from Darjeeling in West Bengal). As one might expect, the involvement level of people if contestants are from a smaller state is much greater, and you have the effect of these 2 being heroes when they visit their hometowns. Even local politicians (and apparently even militant organizations) have asked people to vote for them.

It must have been very painful for the last eliminated competitors, Emon Chatterjee, Ankita Mishra, Meiyang Chang, etc. However, it is creditable for them to have reached this point, and to have been singing in front of such critical judges every week is a great thing. And who are the judges for this competition ? Well, you have the abrasive Anu Malik, Alisha Chinai (forever fighting with Anu), Javed Akhtar (one wonders as to what he is doing in a music competition show), Udit Narayan, Sonu Nigam and Farah Khan. Anu Malik is one of the most hard and harsh judges, but his performance must be well-likes since he has been there since the first Indian Idol.
And of course, you have had a whole list of celebrity judges appearing (one wonders how good they are at evaluating music), notably John Abraham, Adnan Sami, Kailash Kher, Anil Kapoor, Ajay Jadeja, Ganesh Hegde, Ila Arun, Ritesh Deshmukh, Govinda, Shabana Azmi, Zayed Khan.

For a site with clips, click on this link.
Another site with clips.
Directly watch Amit Paul’s videos on Youtube, Prashant on YouTube.

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