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Nach Baliye 3: A new season

The 3rd episode of this popular dance show is on the air now. It now appears on Star Plus with Friday and Saturday 8 PM (twice a week). The show format is that it takes 10 couples and takes them through a dance competition where they get weeded out by public participation and are reviewed by judges every day. All of them get a choreographer to guide them through the steps and dance sessions (and the rehearsals can get quite tiring); so in many ways the win is also that of the choreographer.
Judges will be Vaibhavi Merchant (who is a famous choreographer), Isha Koppikar (a film actress and who can be quite a tough judge), and David Dhawan (the famous film director who has made a number of comedies, with Partner being his most recent one). The aim of the dance competition is to judge which couple dances the best as a couple, to the required fluidity and most naturally, all of which takes hard work. Hosts for Nach Baliye 3 are Hussain Kuwajarwala and his wife Tina(winners of nach baliye2).

The couples who are taking part in Nach Baliye 3 are:

* Jodi No. 01: Sweta Keswani and Alexx O’Neil
* Jodi No. 02: Amita and Karan Patel
* Jodi No. 03: Rakhi Sawant and Abhishek Awasthi
* Jodi No. 04: Shivangi Kapoor and Shakti Kapoor
* Jodi No. 05: Amita Sethi and Vikas Sethi
* Jodi No. 06: Kavita Kaushik and Karan Grover
* Jodi No. 07: Sanjeeda Sheikh and Aamir Ali
* Jodi No. 08: Kashmeera and Krushna
* Jodi No. 09: Ritu Janjani and Kiran Janjani
* Jodi No. 10: Pooja Bedi and Hanif Hilal

If you want to know more about these couples, then refer to these links (Rediff, Link 2, Wikipedia (full details about all 3 seasons),

Videos of Nach Baliye 3 are available at YouTube

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