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Om back in Kahaani Ghar Ghar Kii

The strange saga of Kahani Ghar Ghar Kii continues. The serial originally had as a center-piece, the goings on in the life of a joint family, with the couple of Om and Parvati Agarwal (Kiran Karmakar and Sakshi Tanwar) respectively being the main driving force behind the family.
And then some time ago, mainly due to some misunderstanding / dispute between Kiran Karmakar and Balaji’s producer Ekta Kapoor, the character of Om Agarwal had to die a sudden death in the floods in Gujarat (although this was a murder done by Trishna (Mita Vashisht) due to Om marrying her when he was already married). And then Parvati had to go through a period when she was framed for the murder, and vanishes for 18 years after staging a death in the jail. She then comes back in order to get revenge, and eventually gets revenge on Trishna by getting her to commit to doing the murder in front of the police and taken to jail.

But there was never any doubt that Om was dead; after all, it has been 19-20 years since he has been apparently dead, and there was a funeral organized for him with his own body. And now he is back in the serial when they suddenly see him in Varanasi along with a wife and children. The entire Agarwal family are amazed to see him in the role of Rishab and he does not acknowledge any traces of familiarity. Current speculation is that either he had a memory lapse and built up a new family, or that his current wife is forcing him to play that role for some specific reason.
Of course, it is quite clear that Kiran Karmakar has made his peace with Ekta Kapoor, and hence is back into this prime-time (10 PM) never ending serial. As an aside, if he is indeed Om, then why is Trishna in jail ?

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