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New twist in Kahani Ghar Ghar Ki

Seems like old times. There are so many relations that things are complex. Parvati respects a step-son called Ashu, who is now a policeman (although she has no contact with his father Suyesh Mehra). Ashu in turn is in love with a lady Shivangi who in turn is the daughter of her husband OM (or rather a step-daughter of the time when he was married by fraud to another lady). These relations are difficult to grasp, and only if you are a regular follower then you can understand.
The other major character in the story is Sasha (from old time) who is now back and wants to get revenge on the Agarwal household, but who is terrified of the abilities of Parvati to win in the end. He has the support of Chotu, who was supposed to have undergone a great trauma and hence his mind had become that of a small child. He is another relative, of Mayuri (but one loses the thread of these relationships after some time). But since everything has to get reversed, even this situation turns upside down when it is revealed that Chotu is actually a former don called Ishar Nanda, and is faking this whole thing since he is in cahoots with Sasha and wants to get revenge.

He incidentally is madly in love with Shivanngi since she was the one who was earlier having an affair with him, but who actually wanted to get him arrested. He managed to escape, until he was taken in by the Agarwals. Now Paravati, Shvangi and Ashu all know the truth about Chotu, but are unwilling to tell the others (maybe they don’t trust the remaining family members). And of course, to give the story some twist, in a moronic move, Om and the family elders sign the property over to Chotu (who in a sensible family would turn the property over to a person who is not of sound mind ?).
I really doubt whether the serial could get more complex, but it must be hard to keep on writing more episodes of such long running serials and still manage to make sense.

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