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Song: Hum ko manki shakti dena

Hum Ko Manki Shakti Dena is a devotional song from the movie Guddi. It is a very popular song, and the movie is equally good. The movie stars Jaya Bhaduri in her first film (in 1971), portraying her as a fresh faced girl, star-struck. She is positively fawning in her idol-worship of the star, Dharmendra. Her bhabhi takes her to her uncle’s house (Utpal Dutt, who is a professor). She refuses the hand of an otherwise well qualified person, since she is in love with Dharmendra (or so she fears), at which time her professor uncle manages to persuade Dharmendra to help out with the situation. They decide to show her what the real world of the film-line is like; how an on-screen villain or a miser would be totally different in reality. At the same time, Dharmendra does his bit by showing how he is not a super-man, he is human after all. Guddi finally realizes reality and loses the stars in her eyes.
The director Hrishikesh Mukherji manages to get several stars like Dilip Kumar, Mala Sinha, Biswajeet, Navin Nischol, Rajesh Khanna, Amitabh Bachchan and Vimmi to put in special appearances, showing them hard at work in the studios. The music was composed by veteran composer Vasant Desai.

Video of Song: Hum ko manki shakti dena

Bole re paphihara

Lyrics of Hum ko manki shakti dena (Singer: Vani Jairam):

hum ko man kee shakt dienaa, man wijay kare
dusaron kee jay se pahale, khud ko jay kare

bhedabhaaw apane dil se saaf kar sake
doston se bhool ho to maaf kar sake
zoothh se bache rahe, sach kaa dam bhare
dusaron kee jay se pahale, khud ko jay kare

mushkile pade to hum pe itanaa karam kar
saath de to dharam kaa, chale to dharam kar
khud pe hausalaa rahe, badee se naa dare
dusaron kee jay se pahale, khud ko jay kare

Bole re papihara

Bole re papiiharaa papiiharaa
Nit man tarase, nit man pyaasaa
Nit man pyaasaa, nit man tarase
Bole re…

Palako.n par ik buu.nd sajaae
Baithii huu.n saavan le jaae
Jaae pii ke des me.n barase
Nit man pyaasaa, nit man tarase
Bole re…

Saavan jo sa.ndesaa laae
Merii aa.nkh pe motii chhaae
Jaae mile baabul ke ghar se
Nit man pyaasaa, nit man tarase
Bole re…

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