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Tripti shoots Sahil on Kyunki Saas ..

Kyunki Saas Bhi Kabhi Bahu Thi is a very long running show on Star Plus, occupying a prime time 10:30 PM slot. About a family and the various problems it faces, for the past several months, the story that it currently details is about the problems they face from within, from a family member.
Tripti, the wife of Sahil, has been on the warpath. Having first worked on getting Ganga out of Sahil’s life 20+ years back, and then watching as Karan became rich while she stayed where she was, she grew more and more bitter and shrewish. And then, because it would make a new story, she was shown as having another husband, and then tricks Tanya and gets all the property in her name (I never did figure out how she managed to get all the property in her name).
And then in a series of incidents, Tripti is shown to have gotten killed, with the almost forgotten Mihir Virani being accused of the murder (doubtless Ronit Roy would have welcomed any amount of screen time on this serial, even if being accused of murder), and then sentenced to death (neglecting the fact that being sentenced to death under the Indian constitution is a rarest of rare case and needs to be confirmed by various courts, taking atleast a decade in most cases).

Then Tripti came back and called herself Babli with everybody but the police being convinced that she was Tripti. In the meantime, Ganga was got attacked twice by Tripti; Sahil was now convinced that he needs to take drastic action, so he faces off to Tripti with a gun and gets her to sign papers (he has not seen the movies where signing a paper under duress is not counted), and then she gets the gun and shoots him. Is this the end of Sahil (did he annoy Ekta Kapoor), or will there be a new twist ?

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