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Main Teri Parchhain Hoon on NDTV Imagine

NDTV Imagine has a tough task on its hands; by launching itself as a new Hindi channel, it has to try and catch up with the currently entrenched channels of Star Plus, Zee and Sony. So, they have to make some good serials that will hopefully attract viewers; it is however difficult to make channels that are too different from the current theme of serials on the air on different channels.
NDTV Imagine went to a reputed name to get a great prime-time channel, and they have come up with a serial called “Main Teri Parchhain Hoon”, produced by Rajshri (who also make ‘Woh Rahnewali Mahilon Ki’). This channel started on January 21, 2008, and shows up at 10:30 PM weeknights from Monday to Friday. They have tried to make this a different serial, but one is not sure as to how much it will be different.

The theme of the serial is about a young 21 year old girl who takes on a lot of responsibility (feeling guilt for causing a major problem in the family, and her struggles). So, the serial is about Aanchal and her interaction with the Dharmadhikari family. The family has parents (Hariman and Lalita), 2 brothers and their wives. Elder brother Siddharth is happily married to Jaya and has 3 kids, while younger brother Dheeraj is married to Chanchal (Jaya’s sister). Jaya is a very well liked lady with a great temperament, while Chanchal is more self-conceited and very insecure. She is very different from her elder sister.
This family interacts with Aanchal when Aanchal and Jaya exchange their tickets on a bus, and Jaya gets killed in the accident with the bus. Aanchal believes that she is responsible for the tragedy and wants to help as much as she can. She takes on a job as the teacher to the 3 kids (Ayush, Sachin and Juhi); at the same time, she also helps Dheeraj out with some designs for a contract that he is looking at getting.
Chanchal sees Aanchal with Dheeraj and gets very suspicious, and ultimately throws her out of her teaching job. However, she is not capable of taking care of the children and mistreats them so that Sachin lands up in hospital in a critical state. Dheeraj is very angry at her, and this is where things are.
Eventually, it is projected that Aanchal will marry the elder brother Siddharth, and be a step-mother to the 3 kids. A 21 year old girl being a step-mother to 3 kids !!

Videos from the April 3, 2008 episode:

Cast of characters:

* Jaya————Lata Sabharwal
* Aanchal———Megha Gupta
* Siddharth——-Sameer Dharmadhikari
* Dheeraj———Abeer Goswami
* Lailta Devi—–Kiran Bhargava
* Aanchal’s Mamaji-Neeraj Kshetarpal
* Aanchal’s mami—Leena Prabhu
* Manu————- Rajat Wats
* Ramakant——— Uday Tikekar
* Bharti———– Nishigandha Wad
* Ravikant——— Shailesh Datar
* Hariman Tyagi—- Pramthesh Mehta
* Chanchal——— Indu verma
* Dr. Sudeep——- Aman Sondhi

6 comments to Main Teri Parchhain Hoon on NDTV Imagine

  • Anilesh

    Fabulous serial…..

  • Anilesh

    A very good serial that is on a new topic atleast.Different from the typical daily soaps…..

  • Hema

    Excellent show..Siddharth & Aanchal that is Sameer Dharmadhikari & Megha Guptha have really set the screen on fire with their incredible onscreen chemistry…!!Rajshri’s are just too good..!!They have a excellent way of showing awesome Indian values & relations & special LOVE between the lead pair..!!Do not miss this show..

  • vaishali bhateja all the members of main teri parchhai family and me loves watching this serial as it is related to our life.i have my 15 year old brother and my mother was expired before 2 yrs. and now i do have my step mother..i luv megha’s role..she is too good besides that i also like jaya’s role..sachin is so sweet,juhi is too innocent,ayush is shot tempered but nice,chanchal bhabhi is prfect in her role..dhiraj bhaia is very nice and sidharth ji has a very nice nature..megha is very beautiful…i luv watching main teri parchhai hun..

  • vaishali bhateja

    please reply me…………..

  • aman

    I like this serial very much………..
    i also like the copy of Anchal and Siddharth

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