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Rock n Roll family contest on Zee TV

Contests on TV are getting a a dime and a dozen, and it gets a challenge to see how to make a show that is not based on either singing or dancing or comedy (since these are very common formats on all channels now). So, Zee decided to be clever, and tried a new format for making a reality show. They really could not change the type of contest, so they tried to
1. Get some different judges, and they seem to have managed
2. Appeal to the whole family by involving the whole family
And so they came up with the Rock n Roll family, that started on march 15, at 10 PM. The show is on the air on Friday and Saturday at 10 PM on Zee TV. The show is hosted by Sharad Kelkar (of Saathe Phere, Nahar fame) and Mauli Dave (who managed to make it to the last 10 of Sa Re Ga Ma International).
The judges is where the channel has managed to make it big, with having got in a new set of judges – Ajay Devgun, Kajol, and Tanuja. Ajay and Kajol make a charming set of judges, and seem different from the common set of judges who manage to alternate on the various other channels.

So what is this show all about ? It is still a dance competition, but the contest involves teams (who are families). So you have a family of grandparents, parents, and children who all take part in the dance. It looks pretty cute when you have the grandparents and children all dancing together. These are all supposedly middle class families from many cities all over India, and judgment is through a combination of judges and audience votes.
The show has also got many celebrity judges to have taken part such as Suniel Shetty, Tusshar Kapoor, Sameera Reddy, Tanisha Mukherjee, Jeetendra, and Esha Deol. The families that have taken part so far are:
Bhalke family (from Indore), Gupta family (Delhi), Neema family (Indore), Oza famiy (Bhavnagar), Patel family (Ahemdabad), Roy family (Kolkata), Saxena family (Jaipur).
The following have been eliminated already: Rathod family (Indore), Jain family (Ghaziabad), Kapoor family (Jaipur), Ubale family (Pune), and Jodhi family (Lucknow).

Videos of Rock n Roll family on Youtube (click link)

Video of Mauli Dave performing at the Rock n Roll family set

2 comments to Rock n Roll family contest on Zee TV

  • Dickey

    Rock-n-roll family. Congratulations to Brijesh and his entire Family Inc reaching the finals. Dadi, couples and the two kids are just outstanding. The entire family worked as a team and the choreography is extremely good and has a professional touch. ZEE ka baap would not have has second thoughts who are the No. 1 family. Better luck next time. only bangali’s win here.

    You would realize now that most of these shows are managed to meet their formats. The figures are manipulated, the ranks are fudged. They are no doubt a big fraud. Their aim is not to encourage talent but to mint money by fooling people. Alas, all channels follow the same philosophy. So start thinking positive, go to fundamentals of human values, and contribute something towards that end.

    I hope you will agree with me that the top Bollywood stars are ruling the roost in these so-called reality shows. Sadly, even the mainstream media is becoming senseless airing titillating clippings from these shows in their prime time news programs. Take for instance some Khan in a so-called reality show asking cricketers about their favourite Bollywood heroin, which may be appropriate as far as the program per se was concerned. See how the news channels picked those clips and kept lapping them over and over again in prime time news. What’s newsy about the opinion of these players about some Bollywood damsel? Don’t you agree with me that it’s really very sad and downright pathetic.

    Educated, intellectual and simple-at-heart guys like you must desist from watching that trash. As long as Bollywood, Bombay soap opera factories and cricket is on our agenda, the country cannot achieve much in total development.



  • saans kumar

    Who is the winner of Rock & Roll Family

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