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Update on Kyunki Saas ..

The changes you can make in a serial when you have a captive audience are incredible. So for example, when Ekta Kapoor saw that the show was not doing so good when Smriti Irani had left, and Smriti was not doing so well in her production house as well, then it was announced that Smriti would come back to the show. In fact, there were ads taken out for this, Smriti appeared on several announcements to this regard, and this became a hot news on the media coverage of television. The more important thing was since Smriti would come back as Tulsi again, what would happen to Gautami who was playing the role of Tulsi ?
Well, this was easily done. In one climatic moment, they showed Tulsi in league with Mandira, so getting Mihir kicked out of the house and getting attracted towards Mandira was all part of a plan. In this plan, Mihir would get kicked out of the house, and then Tulsi would convince Karan to name the entire property after her. Things are progressing on this front, and then Smriti starts to appear on the serial. And how is her appearance explained ?
Well, when will amnesia be useful ? So Smriti, is still the real Tulsi, only she has lost her memory and is now staying in an ashram, and in her forgotten memory state, is in contact with both Mandira and the false Tulsi. Also, by this time, Mihir is in the bad books of everybody at home, with Karan being hostile towards him now. Now, the serial needs to bring about a Mihir Tulsi reunion soon, so Mihir is shown as suspecting that Tulsi is not his Tulsi, and soon he starts believing that she is actually Juhi pretending to be Tulsi. He makes his way back to ShantiNiketan through an accident, and gets to live in the house even though people do not actually talk to him much; even his daughter (Shobha), shown in the serial after a pretty long time, does not talk to him.
So now 2 things need to happen, and Mihir is important to both of these events – the real Tulsi needs to be recognized and get re-united with Mihir, and Juhi and Mandira need to be exposed. Mihir is already starting to move away from Mandira.

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