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The end of Kyunki Saas Bhi Kabhi Bahu Thi ?

The Ekta Kapoor promoted saas-bahu serials had an amazing run on TV, being very popular over the years. However, in recent years, these serials have been reducing in popularity for multiple reasons – there are too many channels that are playing the saas-bahu concept, there are other serials on different topics that are becoming more popular (such as reality shows, serials such as Balika Vadhu, etc). One indicator to this was the termination of the contract between Star Plus and Balaji Telefilms, combined with the sudden termination of the long running Kahanii Ghar Ghar Kii.

And now it is common knowledge that the other long running Balaji Serial, Kyunki Saas Bhi Kabhi Bahu Thi is coming to an end. Star Plus has asked for the serial to be terminated by 10th November, and Balaji Telefilms has gone to court against this – a real life drama over a TV serial.
Anyhow, the serial had been forced to rehash old villains. For some time, Tripti was back in the form of using the new bahu on the block, Vaidehi, to try and plot against Tulsi. They got Tripti arrested for false currency, and after that, Vaidehi has been more or less absent from the serial. So, another villain, Shiv, from Ganga’s history is back. He claims to have been married to Ganga earlier, and manages to both steal Sahil’s business (these people seem to never read legal documents properly), and convince the males in the house that Ganga had been deceiving everyone. And they believe him (with Sahil, who had earlier deceived Ganga and cheated on her blaming her). As usual, Tulsi is trying to make sure that the good side wins.

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