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Aap ki Kachari, hosted by Kiran Bedi

How to participate ? Click on the link for options on how to participate.

Kyunki Saas bhi Kabhi Bahu Thi was a very long running serial on Star Plus at its prized 10:30 PM slot, and then, after the TRP’s started falling, Star got the serial ended (with a dispute between Star and Balaji about the termination of the serial). A number of reality show type of serials are getting popular now, and so Star decided to make a radical change to the serial appearing on this show.
And so comes a totally different serial for this time slot, with a show patterned on solving domestic abuses. Kiran Bedi is a very famous former police officer, who had done a number of landmark initiatives, but who resigned from the police force after being passed over for the role of Police Commissioner of Delhi.

Now, she is the judge in a show where people with family disputes are involved. This could be between husband and wife, cases where a wife complains about bad treatment by in-laws, where parents complain that they have been deserted by their children, husband complains that his wife has run away, or one of the couple complains that they were tricked by the other one.
These are all civil disputes, with the condition being that the case should not have been in court already. Kiran Bedi hears them out, trying to build on the positive areas, trying to get a commitment from the concerned people about things they can do to improve issues. She is also capable of also contributing financially to improve things where it would help (like getting one of the people to do a course that would help their earning potential).

Some videos of the show from Youtube (link)

If you want to present your problems on the show, then the rules and regulations at this link (click here) will tell you how to approach the show.

68 comments to Aap ki Kachari, hosted by Kiran Bedi


    Dear mam, I am a owner of poltry farm in my villege (vpo Ganeshwer ,The neem ka thana Distt Sikar Raj) My i dispute my father in law because they want i work they say’s.
    So that they donot send my wife with me & My father Go My father in law house but thay say “gali”
    Mam i am very depress Because i am fail in SI (RPF). Plz Help Me I need your help To solve my Problem . My contact no. 9694175455


    Dear Mam I am Shri Ram kalawat retired person Age about 61 year. My son wife is having problem with me and not staying with my son since last 2 years. having 1 daughter staying with me with her.
    Matter is into court but looking for your favour which can slove this matter ealier. I request you to consider this matter and try to help me. my son is ready to keep his wife without any problem but she is deniying for the same.
    I am in very deprees because some person abusing me on my phone and told ” buddhay marana hai kya” Or My son mother in law say me retirement ka Rs court me le lungi.
    plz help me contect me 9887419782.

  • rajiv

    dear mam, my name is rajiv in my family we r my mother my wife my baby (11 months) my mother always fights with us she always says rude and gale to me and my wife jab ki we have given her all the happy life things to my mother her luxery room car big house still she fights with us we r in very bad condetion can decide shell we stay with my old age mother or shell we live the or her we dont want to live her is this old age but her language is very bad she talks it looks like she is fighting we want that u or some body from u come and sole this problum with happy , we want to live with joy and happy god has given us very happy life but their is no shanti in the house pls help us .
    rajiv aggarwal

  • payal

    Respected Madam,

    Does a Magistrate have license to indulge into fabricating judicial record and in case a Magistrate is found doing so, should he (she) not be prosecuted like any other culprit. In my view such prosecution is necessary to uphold the sanctity of legal proceedings such conduct ought not to be ignored but the person indulging into it must be penalised.

    Smt. Veena Rani, Magistrate presiding over Mahila Court in South Delhi indulged into fabrication of judicial record when she removed order-sheet of 26.2.2010 from the record of Case no. 143/1/2009 and in its place fabricated and put on file an order dated 3.3.2010 when no hearing at all had taken place on 3.3.2010. Her conduct came to be adversely commented by her superior namely Sh. D.K. Sharma, Additional Sessions Judge, New Delhi who recorded.
    “ Perusal of the Trial Court Record indicates that there is no order dated 26.02.2010 on the record. However, on the application U/s 20(6) D.V. Act there is an order dated 24.02.2010 for putting up the application on 26.02.2010. In this order also there is some over writing. However, in the record I have not found any order dated 26.02.2010. There is an order dated 03.03.2010. whereby the file was taken up on the application U/s 20(6) of the Domestic Violence Act and the notice of this application was issued to the respondents for 20.03.2010. The record is absolutely silent about any proceedings which happened on 26.02.2010.”

    When I sought sanction from Hon’ble Chief Justice of Delhi High Court to prosecute her, nothing was communicated to me; not even an acknowledgement of my complaint was sent. When I sought information under RTI Act I was told that my complaint had been closed without considering the relevant facts and materials supplied by me by an abrupt remark “ No action is required.” I ask a question is it consideration and that too by Hon’ble Judges of Delhi High Court.

    Then I filed writ petition praying for grant of sanction to prosecute Veena Rani. High Court has not only turned down my prayer and dismissed my writ petition without even considering the facts of the case; but also imposed penalty of Rs. 20,000/-. I am appending the said order; a perusal of which would clearly show that in effect the order made by Delhi High Court on 31.5.2010 is to shield a culprit from being prosecuted and to put a heavy penaltyon the complainant to deter her.

    I had simply asked for sanction to prosecute and not to punish Veena Rani straight away. A prosecution, which might have resulted into acquittal of Smt. Veena Rani; or even after conviction no penalty might have been imposed upon her. To shut out even a trial is burial of justice in infancy. Something like what certain misguided persons do to their daughters in the near-by state of Haryana. I am sending it to you in the hope that you will write something in your columns to lay before public as to what is going on in the august chamber of Justice. It would be my pleasure to supply further information or clarification that you may feel is required.

    With regards
    Yours faithfully

    ( Payal Malik)
    G-3/2 Malviya Nagar
    Ph: 9871603667

  • Dear Madam,

    I am watching your programme and i want to help . Because i am facing huge troble in my Wife( Anjana) She always torcher me phycially and mentally. I request you to kindly help me and suggest me what can i do ? I have one children 2 yeras old. i am working with private job.So plz help us. My contact No 09958145318

    wirth regards
    Navin ( New Delhi)

  • Jay Pandit

    Dear mam
    main apani bahan ke husband ke karan pure tin sal se paresan ho gaya huin . usne bedai ka notic bhej kar pure tin salo se nahi le jane aa raha hai . uske pas phone karne par gali deta hai . hum logo ko dhamki deta hai ki tumahare pure family ko mar dunga.our ek do bar meri bahan ko bhi marane ka korshish kiya tha par nakam raha . main aap se contact karana chahata huin so .please call me mam urgent 09334148188

  • hi mam i need some helf pls sand me emali and phone no

  • komal sahu

    apni problem kiranji se share karna chahta hoon

  • jaspreet

    i want ur help . how i contact u . plz mail me.




  • Respected Madam
    I am very much depressed as one party themselves approacched me in Dec 2010 for alliences of there daughter with my son is working in BPO at Mumbai on 20/12/2010 first meeting held of both families with my son and their daughter. immidiatly next day they refused for the alliences. My family kept quiet, again on 25/12/2010 they have given their acceptence and fixed engagement date on 06/02/2011 after over the engagement again they denied for the marriage meenwhile the engagement period they extrected costly booties and cash from me of huge amount. I am a retired from Rly. senior citizen frm Nagpur Maharastra kindly help me. I want to make police complaint against them and file a defamation case as well. will be ever greatfull to you mam. please call me soon M 9850611585, 0712-2750244


    i m in a big problem so plz give me your’s e-mail id & contact no.

  • sweta verma

    mam,i wanted to talk to u.we are suffering from our own in two years daughter and husband left the house.they take a dowry of four two sister in laws, their seven children ,her husbands, my mother in law’ married sister, married brother their four child lives in my sasural they are taking benifits from my husband is elder son.we have left the house.we want justice.we live in poorty. More story behind it wanted to talk to u in details Regards sweta 9471355959

  • Deepak Gupta

    Dear mam ,please inform the procedure to take part of this programme for my mother in law having her 4 brother in laws(DEVAAR) who had captured all the properites of her after the death of father in law…..

  • Asha patre

    dear Mam
    I need your help for my property case. I want to register my case in your court. Please I need your help how can I contact you. I am residing in NAGPUR.I hope u will help me. Please provide me any contact number of yours. Waiting for yours humble reply.9970303369 /8421630052 ( Asha patre )

  • manohar

    m in a big problem so plz give me your’s e-mail id & contact no.

  • mrs.brajbala puranik

    respected madam,
    mra apna ek N.G.O. hai jo garib mahilao ko prashiksan deta h.or ye me khud hi krti hu..nirasrit,parityag,mahilao ki shayta krta h… plzzz u help me and my N.G.O.
    me apki kachari m ek baar aana chahti hu…
    shilai,kdai,hastshilp etc.
    my con. no.09826508799
    mrs. brajbala puranik.
    anmolshree N.G.O. dewas [m.p.]

  • Karuna Devi Thakur

    Dear Mame

    My name is Maruti Thakur. My mother suffers from some problems of money & land loss. She is too much upset. We are unable to contact your programmers or team leaders as we can’t get any phone number. Please contact us at +919748191498.We are waiting for your justice.

    Thank You
    Maruti Thakur

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