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Sapna Babul Ka..Bidaa on Star Plus

Bidaai, the story of 2 siblings (one of whom is much darker than the others) and their life, is proving to be very popular with viewers. The story is revolving around the trials and tribulations of Ragini and Sadhana. Sadhana is married to Alekh Rajvansh (who is mentally abnormal); slowly Alekh, under Sadhana’s loving care is getting better. Part of the agreement for the marriage between Sadhana and Alekh was that Alekh’s mother, the arrogant and imperious Vasundhra Rajvansh would get her younger son Ranveer married to Sadhana’s darker (and hence less appealing) sister Ragini. However, Vasundhra never really was comfortable with this arrangement and tried her level best to make sure that Ranveer would never get close to Ragini.

In the end, it was the total rebellion by her family (her husband, Indrajit; her elder son Alekh, her younger son Ranveer who now loves Ragini, and the others in her family as well). In the Rajvansh household, there are also the next generation crooked couple, Navin and Avni who have already tried to steal money out of the business and almost managed to implicate Sadhana’s brother Vinu brother in a case for which the police comes to arrest them.
The situation now is that Navin and Avni are in disgrace since their attempt to steal money and blame Vinu became known. Vasundhra has finally agreed to get Ragini married to her son Ranveer, even though she knows that their social positions are very different (and for which a number of people would keep on reminding her about), she is also aware that Ragini is apparently much darker and considered not so good-looking (and that people would wonder as to why Vasundhra is getting her son married to a girl who may not be considered to so suitable for him). Now, the plans for marriage are happening, and one can be sure that there will be a lot of drama before the marriage happens.

Video of wedding shopping sequence from Youtube:

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