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Vidaai – the story gets more complex

The story of Bidaai is getting more complex. Even after the agreement that Ranvir and Ragini will now be engaged and eventually get married, life gets even more complicated. For one, Vasundhara Rajvansh is still not fully comfortable with having a darker girl such as Ragini as her daughter-in-law. So, there are uncomfortable scenes in stores and other places where store personnel taunt Ragini about her claim to be the daughter-in-law of Vasundhara.
At the same time, Sadhana’s mami Kaushi was never very much favorable to her, comparing her darker color with that of her own daughter Ragini and always evaluating whether if both Ragini and Sadhana live in the same house. This feeling gets drastically enhanced when it is revealed that Vasu and Ambika are both sisters, and in fact Ambika is the elder sister. On knowing about this, Kaushi is very distressed and says a number of things to Sadhana about how she is sure that Sadhana will be bad towards Ragini. This makes Sadhana very unhappy, and when Alekh hears, he is also very unhappy about this. At the same time, Vasu’s husband also gives her a lecture about how she has always treated Ambika badly even though Ambika was actually the elder sister.
Mamaji also hears these unpleasant words from Kaushi, and is very distressed when he hears these words. He is unable to believe that his wife is unable to carry so much venom inside her, and is very uncomfortable. His words to Kaushi that Sadhana has sacrificed a lot in the past for the family fell on deaf ears.

Link of videos of Bidaai on Youtube (click here)

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