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Main Teri Parchai Hoon about to end ?

Main Teri Parchai Hoon is a serial on NDTV Imagine, made by the Rajshri’s (who also made the long running ‘Who Rehne Waali Mahalon Ki’). It’s a serial about a girl Anchal (played by Megha Gupta) who believes that she is responsible for the death of Jaya (they changed tickets and the bus had an accident in which jaya dies), and hence feels responsible. She becomes a teacher to Jaya’s 3 children (Ayush, Juhi and Sachin) and also tries to help Jaya’s husband Siddharth by making some designs for their business. Siddharth’s sister-in-law Chanchal does not like all this, and tries her best to humiliate Anchal and get her out of the house.
However, a situation emerges where Siddharth gets married to Anchal, but Ayush and Juhi cannot stand this. So Siddharth and Anchal leave the house, and move to a much smaller house along with Sachin. However, professional tragedy strikes when a wrong order causes major losses in the business and Siddharth has to sell his share of the business. Another tragedy strikes when Sachin gets injured and he moves back to the house to be along with Ayush and Juhi.

However, in a move that shows that there was a need to shut the serial down, the story becomes very positive. When, due to a fraud, the house is supposed to be taken away, Anchal gets Rs. 1 crore for her designs, and this prevents the misfortune from taking away their house and business. Chanchal and mother also get changed and accept Anchal, and so does Ayush and Juhi, making for a very happy ending. Anchal and Siddharth also have had a baby of their own as well.

Part 3 of Feb 11 episode from Youtube:

More videos from the serial (link)

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