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Saloni Ka Safar: Strange going ons

Saloni ka Safar has gone through some strange contours and story in the recent past. It all started with Nahar going through medical problems, and then being diagnosed by his friend that he had a terminal problem with his brain and did not have much time left before he succumbed to his illness. There was a lot of speculation about whether Nahar’s character will leave the show now, and also the impact on Saloni. When Saloni finds out and learns that Nahar did not want her to know because of the shock, she was determined to try and get him cured. This included going to a ashram where she is turned out very rudely.
Soon, Saloni leans that this illness is actually manufactured by Jiji (Urvarshi) who has returned to get revenge, and the doctor is the one who is executing this plot to make Nahar sick and believe that he is about to die. By the time that Saloni discovers this, it is too late for Nahar. He has drowned himself (taken Jal Samadhi) and the family is devastated. It is too late, and the family is heavily distraught. It is soon that Saloni gets to learn that the swamiji of the ashram (called Amritji) is actually a duplicate of Nahar, and she manages to convince him to come back as Nahar so that he can fight the plans of Jiji.

Jiji does not believe that this guy is actually Nahar, while the rest of the family accepts him. Saloni starts to get Amrit to scare Jiji into confessing her misdeeds, however, in the meantime Jiji manages to learn the truth about Saloni’s long lost daughter and uses that as a weapon in her fight against the family.

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