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Bidaai .. the marriage happens

Finally, the long pending marriage of Ranveer and Ragini happens (and happens inspite of Vasundhara feeling that her son is marrying a girl not very suitable for him, with Ragini’s family being poor, and Ragini herself being dark). In fact, Vasundhara was so apprehensive of negative problems comments against her daughter-in-law that she cooked up an excuse to get the marriage reception cancelled, and sent ranveer and Ragini off to a honeymoon in Kerala. However, at the same time, Alekh, in the midst of emotional upheaval over the status of his marriage with Sadhana (he sees the festivities associated with the marriage and wonders why his marriage was so barren, and why there was no honeymoon in his case), makes it clear that he also wants to go to Kerala along with Ranveer and Ragini.
Vasu agrees and sends off Alekh and Sadhana as well (and Sadhana’s Mami is not happy about this since she feels that this will only disturb the honeymoon of Ranveer and Ragini). However, given Alekh’s condition, no one can truly refuse him, and so off they go to Kerala. Back in the city, Sadhana’s brother Vinu is made to the same level as Naveen, which makes Naveen and Avni mad, and they are scheming about how to make Vinu Sharma pay for this insult.

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