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Raja ki Aayegi Barat – the truth comes out now

It was an interesting time on Raka ki Aayegi Barat on Star Plus. The serial, set in an heritage mansion, deals with a family who were the earlier rulers of the region, and still command a lot of wealth and respect. There was a lot of tension about the elder son, Yudhisthir marrying a common girl, Rani. Compounded by the fact his step-mother, the Choti Rani, wanted her son, Rudra (not as capable as the elder son) to become the king.
And then entered a new actor into the scene, with the entry of the niece, Princess Nandini. She is in the palace with evil intentions, but as usual, nobody suspects her of thinking of doing anything wrong. She is upto all sorts of deeds, with trying to kidnap Prince Yudhisthir on his coronation day, and continually poisoning the Raja (Pankaj Dheer). The Raja eventually dies, and Rani finds poison. The post-mortem also reveals that the Raja was murdered, and Yudhisthir is furious.

Rudra is suspected, and he reveals the hand of Choti Rani in the conspiracy behind the kidnapping of Yudhisthir so that Rudra could become the kind. Yudhisthir furious, and threatens to shoot Choti Rani, and is about to do so, when Rani comes in the way and saves Choti Rani. In the trial of Rudra and Choti Rani for the murder of Raja, they are saved at the last minute when Rani finds evidence that it was actually Nandini who was behind the whole effort and the murder. Now things are settling back in the palace, with Rudra and Choti Rani absolved of the murder.

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