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Uttaran on Colors

Uttaran is a different type of serial, very interesting, and yet very painful in parts. It takes us away from the usual television stories of either reality shows, or human drama, and moves to the story of what are the emotions and feelings of a poor girl and her mother (who works as a maid, and yet has a certain amount of self-respect). They work in a rich house, where the daughter of the house is the same age as that of the poor girl, and is also about the unlikely friendship that develops between the 2 girls, and the strain in this friendship that comes up. Uttaran in Hindi literally means the cast-off, and symbolizes how the poor get the cast-off items of the rich once they are done with them (and that happens in most households; if food is left over and no one is willing to eat, it goes to the maid; if a shoe or clothes are worn down, they can be handed over to the maid or some other domestic help). We just don’t see too much about this on television.

Uttaran - Hindi Serial on Colors

The story is about the girl called Ichchha (meaning wish) (played by child artiste
Sparsh Khanchandani), whose mother, Damini (Vaishali Thakkar) works as the maid in the house of Jogi Thakur (Ayub Khan) and Divya (Pragati Mehra). The daughter of the house is called Tapasya (played by Ishita). Initially, Damini lived under a lot of conditions, but the lenient nature of Jogi Thakur and the friendship between Ichchha and Tapasya prevented Damini from being thrown out of the house (although the Mausiji living in the house, played by Pratima Kazmi, cannot stand Damini or her daughter and want her evicted).
Things reach a peak when it is revealed that Jogi Thakur was involved in the accident that killed Damini’s husband, and she throws a lot of accusations at Jogi Thakur, but when she starts to leave the house, Divya falls down the stairs, and Damini stays to help her out. After this, both Jogi Thakur and Divya take a lot more care of Ichchha, something that causes a lot of jealousy in Tapasya, since she believes that her parents are not loving her anymore, and this feeling is strengthened by Mausiji, who poisons the young mind of Tapasya. Uttaran comes on Colors on weekdays at 10 PM.

Videos of Uttaran on Youtube (link)

Ichchha going to school:

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