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Jay Bhanushali loves being the butt of Mithun da’s jokes – story from Dance India Dance

Just when everybody was thinking that Mithun da has crossed all the limits and it’s about time Jay Bhanushali will storm out of Dance India Dance anytime… we come to know it’s just the other way round. Jay is actually basking in the attention that he is getting and not to mention the kisses being planted on him by Remo, Terence and Geeta again and again!

Any layman would vouch for the fact that as an anchor , Saumya Tandon always managed to steal the thunder away from Jay . The interesting lines and meaty punches always went to Saumya and Jay was kept to play the second fiddle.

Then one day Mithun da started pulling his leg just to ease off the tension on the sets. Then it happened again…. and again… till one thought that Jay will explode!

Some even said that Jay was planning to take this up with the authorities as he could not bear such insults on National Television.

But the latest grapevine from the sets claim that somebody with more grey matter than Jay advised him against it. In fact, made him realize the fact that actually people are enjoying his onscreen ‘gay- giri’ . The focus has once again shifted on him and he’s being talked about! Obviously its not everyday that one gets to dance and romance Mithun da.

Finally some light at the end of the tunnel …for Jay. This is called seeing the bottle half full rather than half empty!

Terence, Geeta, Remo, Jay, and Soumalya on the sets of Dance India Dance on Zee TV
Terence and Remo kissing Jay on the sets of Dance India Dance on Zee TV
Jay, upside down, being teased by Mithun Da on the sets of Dance India Dance on Zee TV
Jay dancing with Mithun Da on Dance India Dance on Zee TV

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