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Sugna and the moral dilemna in Balika Vadhu

Balika Vadhu is a serial that is based on the concept of child marriage, poor status of women in society and in the family, lack of education, etc. The serial shows the situation in a village in Rajasthan where the rich house is ruled over the grand-mother Kalyani, who is the supreme member in the house and everything is controlled by her. She is herself responsible for the poor condition of women in the house, since any improvement in the condition of women has to be done by her, and she is reluctant to change. She believes that women do not have too many rights. As a change, Farida Jalal, her sister, now comes to the house and slowly starts getting things changed in the house, but it is a tough battle.
The biggest battle in the house is over the condition of Sugna, the grand-daughter. She was married to Pratap, but her gauna had not happened, and she had not yet gone to the home of her inlaws. However, in a brush with dacoits, Pratap got killed. So Sugna became a widow, all set to face the social isolation and torture that a widow faces. She lives in a small isolated windowless room, has plain food, and so on. Kalyani refuses to send Sugna to her inlaws house after they blame her for the death of their son.

However, it is only the presence of Farida Jalal who starts to get more rights for Sugna, getting her out of the small room, getting her to start seeing life in color, and in the biggest battle, getting Kalyani to agree to start sending her to school again even though the people of the village are not very happy about this. However, the next drama in the serial that will present a number of moral challenges is set to happen, now that the village vaid reveals that Sugna is pregnant. Kalyani is furious, since how could Sugna be pregnant before going to her inlaws house ? This is a blot on the name of the family honour, and Sugna is again banished to the small room.

Sample video of this show:

Videos of Balika Vadhu on Youtube (click here)

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