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Jyoti – the marriage happens

Jyoti is a serial on NDTV Imagine that takes the life of a girl who is struggling to help all those who depend on her, but who has to face obstacles at many walks of life. After being almost evicted from her house, Jyoti was finally finding happiness, getting married to Pankaj, who is blind, […]

The new Ramayana on NDTV Imagine – Last episode on June 26th, 2009

A long time back (1987-1988), Ramanand Sagar (from Sagar Entertainment) had made a serial based on the Ramayana, and it was extremely popular. In 2008, on NDTV Imagine, Sagar Entertainment again created a new Ramayana, using new effects, with a new sophistication, and with new actors. It has also proved very popular. The series went […]

Information on Ladies Special – the comedy show on Zee TV

Comedy shows are many on TV right now, and they happen on every channel. Another such comedy show happens on Zee TV, called “Hasne Hasaane ka Tonic – Ladies Special”. This is a new standup comedy show on Zee TV that provides women a platform to project their point of view through the medium of […]

Bhaskar-Bharti on Sony TV

I don’t think that this is an original idea (about a man turning into a woman due to divine intervention), but this is still a new concept for Indian TV, and so far is working out (although at some time, the serial creators will want to stretch the serial, and that is when the story […]