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Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai on Star Plus

The story has been going on a strange twist. Imagine an arranged marriage, it would not possible for the boy to have seen the girl and vice-versa with both assuming that this would have been the first time. It could have been that the girl met the boy after seeing some other boys, and in some case, the girl could have approved of a boy, but the match fell through after some time.
However, in the case of the serial, the boy, Naitik finds out that the girl, Akshara had earlier agreed to another boy, who was actually a cousin of Naitik, but the marriage did not happen. He accuses her of having loved the other boy, and has now turned cold towards her. She, in the meantime, has been very distressed at this, and is not sure how to convince him that she loves only him.
In the meantime, preparations for the marriage have been moving at full pace (and the serial has taken many days to show these preparations); and now, the scene is such that he has a bad mood even during the marriage, enough that others can see that there is something wrong. What will happen in the future for this marriage ?

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