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Rakhi ka Swayamwar on its last legs – Marriage on Aug 2nd

Finally the spectacle seems to be getting over. There is a lot of speculation that Rakhi will do something to avoid getting married, including declaring in the end that she does not like any of these grooms and does not want to get married to any of them. In addition, it is very much possible that the prospective groom also realizes that some publicity is not enough to actually get married to Rakhi. Anyhow, the serial is in its last few days, with the marriage supposed to happen on the 2nd of August, 2009.
The show started with a huge number of people signing up, and then being whittled down to a field of 10. From these 10, Rakhi would evaluate them on various parameters, including how they walked over hot coals for her, whether they could bear having her name tattoed on their hand. A few of them were obvious publicity seekers, such as this guy called Manmohan who was there till the last 4, but who was probably a bigger drama-seeker than Rakhi. As the number of people reduced, Rakhi also met their families, went to their home towns, had live dates with them, and so on. But you could see her drama everywhere.

Now, it is down to 3, with the hot favorite being Elesh (from Canada, willing to settle down in Mumbai).

Present Contestants are:
Manas Katyal
Chittiz Jain
Elesh Parujanwala

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27th July 2009 – Rakhi Ka Swayamvar [Special Epiosde] – Part 2

27th July 2009 – Rakhi Ka Swayamvar [Special Epiosde] – Part 3

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