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Dispute between Zee and DEN

If you are not getting some of your favorite channels, then you should talk to your cable operator, and ask him to provide these channels to you. These are channels within the Zee TV bouquet.


Zee Turner gets aggressive against the TV 18 owned cable subsidiary DEN: Sends notice to deactivate […]

New serial on Zee TV – 12/24 Karol Bagh

…‘12/24 Karol Bagh’, ‘An Address Not Too Far From Our Own Lives’…

Hindustan badal raha hain aur ‘Hindustan ka no.1 Network’ leke aaya hain aapke saamne iss badalav se uthnewaale kaii sawaal jo hum aam zindagi mein kafi hadtak sunte aaye hain, jaise… –‘Shaadi ya career?’ ‘Apne se chote umar ke ladke se pyar?’ ‘Pitaji […]

Aapki Antara: The attempt to explain the life of an autistic girl

Aap Ki Antara is a show that is somewhat unusual. How often have you seen a show about something serious, and an issue that is not known to a large number of people. Hence, the effort to introduce the concept of what an autisitic child is, what is the behavior, how they are not crazy, […]

Jai Shri Krishna on Colors – Krishna finally slays Kans

The serial Jai Shri Krishna on Colors moved away from the child like cute stage some months ago, and started showing the older, teenager age Krishna. In this age, he started showing more of his powers and god behavior, getting rid of the snake Kaaliya from the river (the snake was poisoning the water of […]