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MTV Roadies: A hugely popular reality show

MTV Roadies is a long running show on the Indian music channel MTV. The show is a reality contest that believes in subjecting the contestants to many contests and tests, getting them to fight each other and compete strongly with one another. It is exceedingly popular, and has a dedicated audience who try to view each episode when the show is running. The show has had 6 seasons so far, and the interesting thing was the change in presenters. The first show had the presenter being Cyrus Sahukar, but from the second season, the winner of the first show, Rannvijay Singh Singha, has hosted the show from the second season onwards.
The first 4 seasons were held in India, with the 5th season going abroad, being held in India, Thailand, Malaysia, and the 6th season was held Down Under, in Australia and India. The show is created by Raghu Ram, and they also do the interviews to select the participants on the show, with Raghu and his twin, Rajiv Laxman, doing the interviewing. They have been known to reduce cocky contestants to being nervous, asking people all sorts of questions, humiliating them, and so on.

The people participating on the show are provided with bikes, and asked to go onto a known route. In between, they are asked to perform on many challengers, some of which can seem very difficult, or even yucky. For example, I saw one round where the male contestants where strapped to ropes in an upright position, and then a stick came and whacked their balls. In other tests, contestants had to eat all sorts of horrid stuff, and so on. At the end of each episode, one contestant is voted out.

Winners till Date:

Season 1 : Rannvijay Singh from Delhi
Season 2 : Ayushmann Khurana from Chandigarh
Season 3 : Parul Shahi from Delhi
Season 4 : Anthony Yeh from Kolkata
Season 5 : Ashutosh Kaushik from Saharanpur (also the Big Boss winner after this)
Season 6 : Nauman Sait from Bangalore

Audition of a contestant on MTV Roadies: Mtv Roadies 5.0 Nihal audition

Audition of Ashutosh on MTV Roadies:

More videos of MTV Roadies on Youtube (link)

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