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Zee Lil champs – Abhijeet and Bappi Da Make up

After 3 long years, the two bong rivals finally kiss and make up on the coveted stage of Saregamapa L’il Champs

The atmosphere was buzzing with electrifying music of yesteryears. The foot tapping tunes of ‘Jawani Janeman’ and ‘ yaad aa raha hai tera pyaar’. Bappi da, the original Disco King quite surprisingly agreed to share the stage with his one time arch rival Abhijeet Bhattacharya. The ardent viewers of Saregamapa would remember that three years back on the very same stage of l’il champs Abhijeet da and Bappi da had a major tussle about one contestant called Diwakar Sharma.
For the uninitiated, Diwakar was a blind child for whom Bappi da had a big soft corner. He used to appeal to people to vote for him as he was an exceptional child. Whereas, Abhijeet da’s favourite was Sanchita who ultimately went on to win the crown. Abhijeet da was dead against Bappi da’s extra fondness for Diwakar. He pleaded people not to get carried away with biases and vote for the best voice.
This led to huge hostilities between the two; so much so that both started abusing each other in public. It was also rumored that Bappa Lahiri ( bappi da’s son ) had gone up to the extent of hiring goons and threatening Abhijeet da with dire consequences.

Abhijeet da giving bouquet to Bappi da

After years of back lashing and back biting, finally both the musicians decided to bury the hatchet and start afresh. All this was possible thanks to L’il Champs.
Bappi da had some fond memories of the past and he was all gung ho about the current one as well. He announced, “ I’ll give one my gold chains to the best singer of the day”. And the winner was none other than Hemant Brijwasi from Mathura who wooed the disco king with the song yaar bina chain kahan re…” Bappi da was so very impressed with the little one’s tonal quality that he adjudged him as the best singer of the day and gave him one of his gold chains.

Abhijeet the gave Bappi da a bouquet of white flowers to make amends and Bappi da accepted it quite graciously. Both of them praised each other for their contribution to the music industry and their body of work..

What shall we say, all’s well that ends well..!

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