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Zee TV – Shree found it difficult to get a pair of newborn kids

The serial Shree, in which Shree tries to save her husband from her rival, Kangana’s ghost faced a unique situation recently. The show reached a stage where Shree was to give birth to twins, a boy and girl, one of which will be approached by Kangana and will grow up like the devil, eventually to kill his own father, Hari.
Now, the problem was that the show needed to get a pair of newborns for the show, so that they play the role of the characters. However, when prospective parents got to know about the supposed role of the children, none of them were willing to have their children play such a role.
It was then the Senior Producer, Ravi Sharma, who recently had twins, agreed to let his children be in the show to play this role. At the same time, there was another problem. Pankaj, who plays Hari, was very hesitant to play the role of a father since he felt he was too young to play such a role. This feeling of uneasiness is likely to go up once the show takes a 6 year gap.

Shree and Hari on the Zee TV show with their apparent newborns

The newborns on the show Shree on Zee TV
Eunuchs on the Zee TV show, with Shree, hari, and the newborn children

Finally, the show gets 4 eunuchs on the show, who come to give advice to Shree about taking care of her children, since the sign of the devil is over her children, and one of them could be dangerous for her husband, Hari. The main characters of the show were nervous, since they had never been so close to eunuchs before.

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