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Uttaran – The shock given by Tapasya

After the 2 children grew up, it soon became clear that the insecurity and hatred that Tapasya felt towards Iccha only grew. This feeling was heavily fostered by her Nani, and her parents were not able to counter this influence. However, what really inflamed the feeling was when it came down to a question of marriage (however, what is really strange in this serial is that these are 2 educated girls, but there is no mention of them working or doing anything like this; all they seem to be interested in is marriage – what a bad example to set to modern women).
Anyhow, when the very eligible Veer from a good family (although very conservative family) comes to see, Tapasya is very happy. However, Veer is able to see how shallow and arrogant Tapasya is, and falls for Iccha, and eventually manages to persuade both sets of families for this marriage (even though Nani and Tapasya are both shocked and try their best to persuade the family against this).
Eventually, as the marriage comes closer, Tapasya gets determined to not let this marriage happens, she wants to marry Veer. Finally, on the day of the marriage, Tapasya blackmails Iccha and Damini by threating to commit suicide, and Iccha cannot stand this (she really loves Tapasya), and finally Veer and Tapasya get married (with Tapasya’s face covered). When Veer finds out, he is shocked and rushes to the house to find Iccha.

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