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Bandini – Santo has to take a hard decision

This is now completely ridiculous, how can a person land up in the same problem; looks like the writer of the serial is manufacturing things from thin air. Consider the earlier case, Santo was married to DM, and as a result, Khemi and Hiten could not get married. In the end, Khemi married Arjan, and saved her sister the trouble.
And then, many episodes later, it came out again that Arjan is also DM’s son (looks like he has got sons all over the place, and since Moulick was not his own, he just got a replacement). But the same situation all over again, how can Khemi be married to Arjan, since by relation, Arjan is now Santo’s son (after all, the son cannot marry his mother’s sister). To get around this, DM asks Santo to sit in decision this time. The added complication is that Hiten does not like Arjan, and said that he would not like to live in the same house as Arjan.
However, when Santo gives her decision, she rules against Khemi and Arjan, something that causes all of them, Hiten, Khemi, and Arjan all to criticize her. Khemi even sarcastically calls her the “malkin” (owner of the house). At this, probably for the first time, Dharamraj calls the family and scolds all of them for forgetting what all Santo has done, that she took the right decision, and how can Hiten even think about criticizing her. Arjan however says that he will leave with Khemi, and suddenly, it turns out that Khemi is pregnant, and is advised bed rest. What will happen to Santo’s order ?

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