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Sadhana kicked out of the house in Bidaai

Finally, it happened. Hindi TV serials are pretty well known for trying to twist stories, and for showing a lot of bad things happening before things get better. They seem to live up to the saying, “If you do a good deed, you will get punished”. So it is with Sadhana, who only states the truth when she is asked the question in court. When the trial of Ranveer is ongoing, the final question is when Sadhana is asked to testify and she states the truth. As a result, Ranveer is sentenced to an year’s jail term.
However, this has a lot of repercussions. Sadhana is blamed by everyone for doing this to Ranveer, with Vasu turning her out of the house. Alekh also blames her for this and does not stand by her, even though he does love her. In her own house also, her mami of course does not support her and blames her for whatever is happening; and this is troubled by the fact that Ragini was pregnant, and lost her baby due to the shock.
In all this, the only person who stands by Sadhana is her mamaji, who lays down the law in the house that Sadhana will stay there, and no one will say anything to her.

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