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Akshara in serious trouble in “Yeh Rishta Kya Kahlata Hain”

The household in which Akshara has got married, the household of her husband Naitik, is pretty conservative. The idea is to respect elders, treat their word as a command, and overall not go in for new fashioned stuff (which includes getting married in a love marriage). And this is where Akshara finds herself in serious trouble.
Naitik’s sister, Nandini is handicapped, and has been having trouble finding a good match. Unknowingly to her, she was falling in love with a good friend of the family, Mohit (a childhood friend of Naitik). She finally admits it to Akshara, and soon after when Mohit gets into a small accident, Mohit also finds out about this. However, Nandini thinks that Mohit has rejected her, and agrees to go through a normal arranged relations; however, things change when Mohit confirms her love and they are both able to confess their feelings for each other.
However, not everything is so positive elsewhere. Akshara knows about all this, and yet like so many other serials, is unable to tell Naitik about this, and then Naitik finds out about this when he sees all 3 of them together. When some people come to see Nandini and are ready to move ahead, Naitik gets the relation stopped, and forces Akshara to reveal the truth. The net result is that after this, everybody is very angry with both Nandini and Akshara, and do not talk to them. Naitik ignores Akshara and she is horrified by his reaction, crying most of the time.

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