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Sukh By Chance – Importance of money in materialistic world…

In today’s intensely materialistic world, one cannot ignore the omnipotence of money. Indeed all of us are running after this elusive, never enough, object that we believe can buy us all happiness. Many amongst us would find it difficult to say ‘no’ to wealth that did not come to us via hard work. It takes immense strength of character to not touch money that has been accidentally accredited to you. The Mehtas of the serial Sukh By Chance are one such family who will try to rise above the temptation of riches that has not been directly earned by them.

The Mehtas are a typical middle class Gujarati joint family. The said family lives happily within its small boundary of limited needs and limited means. One day by chance they discover that someone has deposited Rs.3 crores in their bank account. Instead of spending it at will they decide never to touch the money as it does not belong to them. Soon it is revealed that there is a shadowy person to whom the money really belongs to and he will test the Mehta’s ability to stay off the money. He creates situations in Mehtas lives where in it becomes necessary to use that money. However the family remains true to its principles and has managed to not touch this wealth.

However, there are some heartbreaking incidents in store. Mohan Mehta, the head of the family will now be forced to use some part of the money. Now it seems God wants him to use the booty and the show will witness some disturbing episodes. Amit Mehta who is in his final year of Medicine loses out on his scholarship. He needs Rs 4 lakhs to complete his final year and become a doctor. He is also in love with Namrata and they both can get married only after he becomes a doctor. Amit will plead with his father to part with the money but he refuses. Depressed, Amit will try to commit suicide. On the other hand, the youngest son of the family, Kanha Mehta will fall from the terrace and will have to go for an urgent surgery. The surgery will cost Rs 15 lakhs. Mehta finally gives in and pays Rs 15 lakhs for the surgery. Amit too will get to pay his fees and with that Mehta will end up using Rs 19 lakhs. Will the shadowy figure now reveal his true identity and cause problems for the Mehtas-that remains to be seen.

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