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Arjun kills Yashoda – High drama expected from Swarg

The mother son bond is one of the most revered of all human relations. Revered in myths, worshiped in folklore, deconstructed in high literature and stereotyped in pulp fiction; the image of the mother figure has not lost its hold on human psyche. Hindi serials too have not been left behind in throwing up immensely popular mother figures who have captured the heart and soul of millions of television viewers. Laajoji, Tulsi, Parvati,Baa are some of the names that come to mind immediately. In fact Tulsi (Kyun Ki Saas Bhi Kabhi Bahu Thi) won the admiration of millions of Indians when she shot to death her errant and diabolical son Ansh.

Yashoda (Maat Pitah ki Charnon Main Swarg, Colors) has moved many with her loving ways. She loved and cared for her step son, Shubh like her own flesh and blood. In fact such was her dedication to this son of hers that her biological off springs Arjun and Ansh, faded into the background. In Shubh she found her mission in life and poured on to this son of hers all that she had to offer as a person. Her values, her ideals, her beliefs-all that made her an outstanding person-she gave to Shubh as one bequeaths wealth and property. Shubh also revered this step mother of his like God and put her on a pedestal befitting divinity.

Yashoda’s first born son Arjun has however always resented this bond. He has looked upon his mother’s feelings for Shubh as something that rightfully belonged to him. Miffed and angry at this unfair (according to Arjun) treatment he hatched an elaborate plan along with his wife Lolita and a small time crook Madhukar to get rid of Shubh and Suhani. He succeeds first by poisoning his mother’s mind against Shubh; then he gets Shubh thrown out of the house and lastly by carrying out a killing attack on the pair.

This plan of their failed but helped Yashoda understand her son’s true character. Now the devilish trio are holding Suhani hostage and demanding a big ransom amount from Shubh. Yashoda earnestly wants to correct her past mistakes (that of not trusting Shubh and Suhani) and goes against her own son. She will try to save Suhani from Arjun’s clutches and mother and son will end up scuffling over the gun. The gun will go off accidentally killing Yashoda. Thus for the first time, a son will actually murder his mother. Whether Arjun is punished for this heinous crime or will he escape unpunished, only time will give the answer to this.

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