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Hindi Serial – Rahul Dulhaniya Le Jayenge – the final three contestants are decided

The 4 remaining contestants on the Rahul Swayamvar show are Harpreet, Dimpy, Mrinmai, and Nikunj. And now one of them will be eliminated to make the final 3. This is after an interesting week whereby all of them got a chance to invite Rahul to their homes, and most of the interactions were shown very positively.
In each case, the family members welcomed Rahul a lot (even though the age gap at the minimum is 6 years, and more than 10 years in many cases, and not a single family member seemed bothered by this in any way). Some of them fathers / elder relatives did take the chance to ask Rahul about whether he was serious about marriage, and Rahul did his best to sound sincere and assure the family members that he was going to get married in this show, as opposed to Rakhi Sawant who finally did not get married in the show and because of whom, everybody doubts all these contestants.
What was interesting in the depiction of Rahul’s visits to all the contestants home was that they all committed to him that they were in deep love with him, but he was not willing to commit in any way in this way, although he was much closer to them than it was in the past.
In the end, it was down to Mrinmai and Harpreet in terms of eviction, one of them would be the one who would be evicted from the show. And finally Mrinmai was the one who was evicted, and she did not go politely, telling him that Rahul was wrong in evicting her.

2 comments to Hindi Serial – Rahul Dulhaniya Le Jayenge – the final three contestants are decided

  • Mrinmai was a bitch anyway she was so jealous of the other lots, thats why she sometimes spoke negative about all the pretty girls (harpreet and dimpy, and nikunj), and thats why she became friends with the not so good looking girls.

  • jaison

    nikunj is a propper fuc*** bitch, so stuck up, arogant, bossy, rude and only does a fake act with rahul. Nikunj complains about a lot of things, she is reluctant to do most things that rahul prefers such as in politics,..shes refusing to vote,,then y marry a politician??..she’s afraid of joint families..then how will she make a good in-law?…she also made bad remarks…to priyadarhsini saying ‘you are ugly’….she also said..’dimpy isn’t good looking’…nikunj is not so beautiful..maybe she has a good height …but thats not beauty. She’s a miss perfect wannabee…bitch!!!….i wish she gets eliminated, next and then harpreet should go..there is something dojjy bout her laugh..

    a slight censoring in the comment for language

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