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Hindi Serial – Dil Mil Gaye – Siddharth remains furious with Dr. Riddhima after her attempted suicide

How can things suddenly change so much in a serial. In the serial Dil Mil Gaye (on Star One) till now, Dr. Riddhima was totally against Dr. Siddharth, and even when he saved her life by providing his body warmth to her (the familiar cliche about the body warmth being the only thing that can save a life in extreme cold), she was furious and wanted him to have let her die rather than saved her by this close intimacy.
However, the ever present concept of Indian society of honour makes its way, and now a marriage was planned between the two characters. However, she had to agree because of family pressure, and she did not want to see her family getting hurt. But, she really did not want to go through this marriage and attempted suicide by consuming poison. This was discovered by Dr. Siddharth, who managed to bring her back from the brink, and also managed to hide this truth from her family, who were just outside the door.
However, this attempted suicide shook Dr. Siddharth to the core, and he lashed out at her strongly, saying that he never wanted anybody else to give up their life for him, and now he rejects her. This brought about an abrupt change in her, but he is now very cold and hostile to her in private, although he is still polite when in company.
In a side note, Yuvraj admitted to this love that his story was false, and that he is not really who he claimed to be.

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