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Hindi Serial – Jyoti on NDTV Imagine – finally standing tall and refusing to bend down any more

For some time now, the show called Jyoti has been showing Jyoti as bending in front of different pressures, although she stands up for what she believes is right (so she stands up for her sister Sushma against Sushma’s husband Brij, even though Brij has been ill-treating Sushma). She takes a lot of pressure in her inlaws family for this, especially for the Choti Ma (called CM) of the household, who believes that Jyoti has been neglecting her husband (who is visually handicapped). Things reach a point of no turn when Brij convinces Jyoti’s husband that Jyoti had been seeing Brij on the sly, and he should not depend on Jyoti. This is enough to convince all that the relationship with Jyoti needs to be ended, even though Jyoti is now pregnant.
For some time more, Jyoti takes all this with pain, not really fighting back; but now they are showing her to be fighting back much more vehemently – she for example stands up for her rights at the time of the marriage of her brother even though CM, who is going to be at the wedding, asks Jyoti not to come. She replies back strongly to CM, tells her that she is not going to take any more shit from her, and even gets the support of Uday (who is from her inlaws family, and is also her brother-in-law (sister’s husband)).
And then when the time comes for her to sign the divorce papers, she refuses since she states that she will now only support the truth, and the truth is that the divorce affidavit has a wrong statement, and she will not support that wrong statement.

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