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Hindi Serial – Aap Antara – the show ended on Feb 18, 2010 with Abhi finally realizing his mistakes

Aap Ki Anatra was a great show, since this was the first show on autism (something not normally covered on Indian television), and even though they went through a lot of drama (including adding a lot of non-autism related events such as a child born out of marriage, involvement with a criminal, deadly cancer, and so on), the show still tried its best to show what a patient suffering from autism (or what their family members have to undergo).
The show had reached an age where Antara had reached adulthood, with her autism levels at the same high. Vidya was able to control her (although both of them kept on really missing Aditya, who had died 10 years back in his battle against cancer). In this whole incident, Abhi, the son of the family had got turned off since he felt that because of Anatara, attention was never focused on him.
In the end, Abhi had come to get both Antara and Vidya out of the house, and he seemed pretty clear about this objective. Antara however kept on calling Abhi as papa, since he has exactly the same face as Aditya, and after a lot of words from different people in terms of shaming him, Abhi finally realized that he was making a mistake and finally decided that they will all live in the same house. There was an expectation that there would be something romantic happening between Antara and Billu, but that was not to be.

1 comment to Hindi Serial – Aap Antara – the show ended on Feb 18, 2010 with Abhi finally realizing his mistakes

  • milan

    aapki antara was a great show but jab unhone antara ko bada kar diya tab se koi maza nahi aaya yaar mein binti karta hoon please ye show phir se shuru kar do us time se jab antara choti thi

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