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Hindi Serial – Na Aana Is Des Ladoo – Ammaji trying other tactics to put a lot of load on Sia after Raghav accepted her

It was a very surprising scene, and not what a lot of fans of Sia would have thought. After all, she had sworn to take revenge against everybody who had mis-treated her and her father, and for that, she had taken up position in Ammaji’s house as a servant. And for that, Ammaji, who never trusted her, first made sure that she knew her position very clearly in the house, and treated her exactly like a servant, and not like a daughter-in-law; to the extent that when the DM came to their house for taking one of the ladies for the night, Ammaji put Sia also on display.
And yet, the makers of the serial have shown some stuff that is certainly not part of revenge. Even though Ammaji showed no signs of changing any of her behavior, and remained as evil as ever, Sia saved her life when she was shot by a bullet. And for that, Ammaji had not the slightest amount of gratitude. In fact, Ammaji was planning to get a new daughter-in-law for Raghav, something that he was going through. But it seemed like the ploy that Sia had was to get Raghav won over and respect her as a wife, and he finally accepted her (hardly a mark of revenge, given that Raghav was complicit in many of Ammaji’s crimes). It was only when Raghav has accepted her that her status has changed in the household; but even then, Ammaji has not left any chance to still try and get Sia away from Raghav. She managed to persuade Sia not to have a physical relationship with Raghav for 3 months since this has been recommended by the family priest, and then is subjecting Sia to a lot of pressure in the kitchen, making her cook the food for the entire family.

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