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Hindi Serial Written Update – Bairi Piya – Amoli escapes the Thakur, but will she managed to hide

This show depicts the otherwise amiable and likable Sharad as the worst form of villain, a villain who uses his power in the poor rural sections of India to exploit their workers, women and get whatever they want. They are the local power, there is no such thing as the local police, law and justice, since all these are dependent on the power of the Thakur. He can do what he wants, kill somebody without any problem and without anybody interfering with his wished.
So what happens when a poor girl from a poor family becomes his fancy ? He will do whatever is needed to claim her, pressurizing her family, forcing her parents to bend to his will. And it does not matter if he already has a wife; whatever his wife wants does not matter. It does not even matter if his entire family is unhappy with his quest, even if his mother opposes it. He is the local Thakur, and for him, his wish is law.
So, when Amoli is married off to a worker of the Thakur called Radhe, it would seem very easy for the Thakur to get what he wants. In fact, he is so surprised that Amoli has had the temerity to oppose him for so long. Even this dedication to her husband Radhe surprised the Thakur, even more so since Radhe is the servant of the Thakur. And then the Thakur decides to take matters further, by forcefully marrying Amoli to make her his second wife. For this, he decides that Radhe is only a interference, and finally kills off Radhe. But Amoli manages to escape the Thakur, aided by the Thakur’s wife who refuses to support the Thakur in this quest, even though he is very very angry at her.

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