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Hindi Serial – Bidaai – Alekh gets to know the truth about Sadhana and leaves his mother

Things finally seem to be looking up for Alekh and Sadhana. Vasu had tried her best to ensure that Sadhana was out of the life of Alekh, by giving her Rs. 5 lakh to sign the divorce papers for her divorce from Alekh, along with the condition that Sadhana would not talk about this to anyone. And since Sadhana then refused to tell Alekh about this, Alekh in turn was angry with Sadhana, angry enough that he was ready to get divorced and marry Mallika (who Vasu wanted to get married to Alekh). In the midst of all this, Ragini got the shock of her life when she got to hear of everything that Sadhana had done, and she went ahead and told her own family all about this. And so there was a plan made to get Vasu to reveal all this to Alekh so that he would finally believe that Sadhana was the correct one, and that Vasu was the one who was driving everything.
So, in the engagement party of Alekh and Mallika, before the actual engagement could happen, Sadhana’s mamiji, who had resolved to do everything to ensure that Sadhana and Alekh get back together, goes to the party, and after first starting off things on a very polite and friendly note, confronts Vasu about her role in the divorce. Finally, they are able to provoke Vasu to the extent that she reveals all about her role in ensuring that Sadhana was forced to sign the divorce papers. When Alekh hears this, he is upset, and wants to go and get his wife, Sadhana back (he was always in love with her, but was angry about why she was willing to divorce him, and not tell him the actual reasons). Vasu states that she will not let Sadhana get back into the house, at which Alekh says that he will not let anything come between him and Sadhana. Finally Sadhana seems to be heading for happiness.

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